Helping the Injured Recover Money They Deserve

If you have suffered an injury through the neglect of others, then you you could be entitled to significant equitable damages. In some cases it may be a very sizable sum that is owed to you. What is most important is quick action, because you have rights, and the first few steps can be critical to claiming the best award.

We’ve built our reputation by providing strong representation, successfully handling case for victims of traffic accidents, accidents on the high seas, malpractice, dangerous drugs, nursing home neglect, traumatic brain injury, and wrongful death. We devote our decades of experienced and inside knowledge of the Louisiana court system to your fight for justice.

One call is all it takes. We also work on contingency. That means we charge nothing unless we win. And that means you have no reason to delay, but contact us today.

Pain, Stress, and Aggressive Insurance Companies

When you’ve suffered an accident or injury, you’ve got enough stress without the hassle from slick insurance adjusters, who are out to protect the insurance company — not you. Don’t let them deprive you of full compensation you deserve.

Our talented and experienceed Louisiana lawyes know how to take charge and protect you fully. We represent victims of accidents wherever they happen — in a medical office, on the water, on the road, on business property, or at home.

The shock of a collision or injury can be devastating, but you don’t have to deal with insurance companies on your own. Our attorneys know how to navigate the confusing claims process, to ensure that your family receives the full compensation you deserve.

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